HandyTIG 180 – welding machine

  • Pulse function
  • Long duty cycle
  • Protected against falls
  • ITC-Inside
  • Job memory
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Intuitive operation
Offering exceptional ease of use and intuitive operation, the Lorch HandyTIG series allows you to produce welding results of the highest order thanks to its automatic setting control.

Non-contacting HF ignition
The TIG arc is ignited without direct contact by high-voltage pulses. Ignition is triggered with the press of a button to ensure that the tungsten electrode does not come into contact with the workpiece. Putting an end to welds with tungsten inclusions, this technology reduces the strain on the electrode. When working in HF-sensitive environments or on tools, the operator has the additional option of switching to ContacTIG (contact ignition).

Automatic gas management
Automatic gas management is applied to automatically regulate the gas pre-flow and post-flow, thereby protecting electrode and weld pool against oxidation.

Connection for hand or foot remote control
We offer a variety of hand or foot remote controls for the Lorch HandyTIG 180 that allow you to
step into the welding process and adjust the welding current if the welding machine happens to be positioned in a place that is not right beside you.

Changeover DC to AC
Offering you an effortless way to toggle between DC and AC, the Lorch HandyTIG 180 AC/DC allows you to remain completely flexible.

Pulse and fast pulse
The integrated pulse function with up to 2 kHz and up to 500 Hz, which comes standard, respectively, in the AC/DC and DC variant of the Lorch HandyTIG 180, offers you additional benefits when welding thin plates.

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Duty cycle at max current