MX 350 – welding machine

  • Multi-process for every application
  • 15 meter radius around the power source
  • For tough daily construction site operations


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Multi-process for every application
Besides MIG-MAG, also suitable for TIG, electrode, and CEL welding.

15 meter radius around the power source
Separable wire feeder case and power source.

For tough daily construction site operations
Light, splash-proof, and fall-proof up to 60 cm.

MIG-MAG welding function
Including option to activate MIG-MAG synergic mode separately to guarantee outstanding MIG-MAG welding characteristics for both mixed gas and CO₂.

When combined with a separate wire feeder case MF-07, the Lorch MX 350 is an ideal choice as a MIG-MAG welding system for use on the go. Better yet, it is also suitable for TIG, electrode and CEL welding and can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

Enhanced performance thanks to MicorBoost
As soon as the current is reduced due to external disruptions, significantly higher voltage reserves are then activated. The result is electrode welding that leaves nothing to be desired.

Its robust housing that offers all-around protection against water ingress and falls from a height of up to 60 cm make the Lorch MX 350 the best machine you can choose for your mobile applications in the field. As an added bonus, the circuit boards are shielded from dust by InsideCoating.

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