M 222 – welding machine

  • Automatic setting control
  • Quality wire feeder
  • Robust case
  • Powerful cooling system
  • Double chain gas cylinder lock
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Automatic setting control
The automatic setting control lets you find the welding parameter setting that works best for you. Start by selecting the desired material/wire/gas combination from the synergic line-program table. Next, set the number corresponding to the welding program using the selector switch in the wire feeder housing.

Intuitive operation
Thanks to the clearly structured user interface and the slanted operating panel, the device control remains well visible throughout operation and affords the user an ergonomic operating position.

Energy management is a standard feature built into every model of the Lorch M-Pro series. The energy saving features include a fan that only comes on only when necessary in order to cut down on unnecessary energy consumption during stand-by.

Industrial housing
The housing of Lorch’s M-Pro series has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of industrial enterprises. This compact and rugged housing allows you to easily stow your power source under the workbench or use its top side as a storage surface for your equipment.

Soldering functionality
Lorch’s M-Pro 150 CuSi allows you to produce perfect soldering and welding results. Welding currents as low as 15 amperes are sufficient for metal sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm or more.

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