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Very simple start into pulse welding with a thick benefits for thin metal sheets.


We are ready for Middle East!

We provide the best welding solutions for Middle East Region.

Improve welding with MicorBoost Technology

We do our best to improve your welding quality and speed. Our inovative and patented technology will result in an intensively burning and permanently stable arc at your welding tasks.


Dubai, Shanghai, Peenemünde. Welding machines engineered by LORCH are a hot commodity all around the globe. This comes as no surprise given that LORCH’s machines rank among the best in the world.

For 60 years, LORCH has been engineering and manufacturing premium-quality welding equipment for applications in trade and industry. LORCH products are nowadays produced in one of the most advanced production facilities for welding machines on the planet.

Who are we?

We know about welding a lot, we have more than 25 years of experience and that’s why we decided to offer our Customers the best welding machines.

We are a specialized company for Middle East region, a member of RYWAL-RHC Company, an international group of professional welding supplier. We are present in Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania, Belarus and Russia.

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